Arctic Monkeys – Your Favourite Worst Nightmare (CD)


2nd Album by Arctic Monkeys, on CD.

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Arctic Monkeys’ sophomore album comes hurtling out of the gate with “Brianstorm,” which is also the first single. Immediately it is hard not to notice the scrappier but expansive new sound. While it is unmistakably Arctic Monkeys, everything’s a little more muscular and aggressive as the rhythm section of Matt Helders and Nick O’ Malley have locked horns with one another on the first new material since O’ Malley joined on full-time. It has been a long while since someone has been deserving of a “lead drums” credit, but Mr. Helders has indeed earned it here.
Arctic Monkeys Favourite Worst Nightmare Track Listing:
1.  Brianstorm
2.  Teddy Picker
3.  D is for Dangerous
4.  Balaclava
5.  Fluorescent Adolescent
6.  Only Ones Who Know
7.  Do Me A Favour
8.  This House Is A Circus
9.  If You Were There, Beware
10. The Bad Thing
11. Old Yellow Bricks
12. 505

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