Burial – Claustro/State Forest (12″)



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Hyper-cubist 2-step and gutting ambience from Burial in classically old skool mood, loading some of his classiest vocal work since ‘Untrue’, b/w dense, shadowy midnight atmospheres.

Without a doubt, ‘Claustro’ is an instant Burial classic. Lathering an ear-worming R&B motif into hair-kissing, lip-smacking skip-to-my-loops, he channels Steve Gurley on the cusp of hardcore into 2-step in a way that distinctly recalls his ‘Untrue’ cornerstone, and quite possibly heralds its follow-up on the distant horizon.

Likewise, ‘State Forest’ is signature Burial, but playing deep into his isolationist aesthetic with 8 minutes of heavy tog gloom lit with sparking clippers and alien craft landing-site pads. 180g vinyl, new copy.