Dennis Wilson – Pacific Ocean Blue (CD)


Classic Beach Boys solo album on CD.

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In 1977 Dennis Wilson’s ‘Pacific Ocean Blue’ became the first solo LP to be released by a member of the legendary Beach Boys.  Dennis, the band’s surfer, drummer and free spirit, emerged from the shadow of his older brother, pop genius Brain Wilson, and shocked everyone with a sound and style unlike any other.  Over thirty years later and ‘Pacific Ocean Blue’ is remains arguably the greatest solo work by a Wilson.




1. River Song
2. What’s Wrong
3. Moonshine
4. Friday Night
5. Dreamer
6. Time
7. Thoughts Of You
8. You And I
9. Pacific Ocean Blues
10.Farewell My Friend
11. Rainbows
12. End Of The Show


13. Tug Of Love

14. Only With You

15. Holy Man

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