Soundgarden – On The Upside (Remastered Vinyl LP)


Soundgarden – Down On The Upside (Remastered Re-release Vinyl LP)

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Newly remastered from the original analogue tapes on 180 gram audiophile black vinyl.  Includes a download card for 320kbps MP4 audio of the album.  The fifth studio album by the band, the music here is more experimental than on previous releases as it features expanded instrumentation, more complex harmonies, layered guitar textures and ambitious song structures.


1. Pretty Noose
2. Rhinosaur
3. Zero Chance
4. Dusty
5. Ty Cobb
6. Blow Up the Outside World
7. Burden in My Hand
8. Never Named
9. Applebite
10. Never the Machine Forever
11. Tighter & Tighter
12. No Attention
13. Switch Opens
14. Overfloater
15. An Unkind
16. Boot Camp

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