Swervedriver – Future Ruins (LP)



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During 10 years in absentia, the band’s legend grew. In 2005, a two-disc anthology was compiled with the band’s involvement, and foretold a resurrection. The trip resumed in 2008, with Swervedriver encountering the acclaim they ought to have enjoyed a decade earlier. A fifth album, I Wasn’t Born To Lose You, emerged in 2015, a mere 17 years after its predecessor, and trumpeted the return of some eternal Swervedriver virtues.

And now the journey continues with Future Ruins. The record presents a band moving with real time and real life vitality, showcasing new tricks alongside classic hallmarks. Future Ruins exhibits Swervedriver’s fabled widescreen escapism, but with a tension that echoes the sleeve image of Coney Island in skeletal monochrome, like a post mortem photograph of a failed utopia.

“I love being back in this band,” Adam says. “We’re playing places that we’ve either not played in a long time or new places, like Singapore, where there were 20 year old kids there and they’re singing the words to the new songs… We don’t want to be the band that just plays the old albums. We’re glad to have a whole bunch of new songs. We’re on it again.”  LP, new copy.