Various Artists – Gods Of Grind (Vinyl 2LP)


Reissue of the classic earache compilation on double coloured vinyl.  Features some of the biggest names in extreme metal.

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Limited edition vinyl release for Record Store Day 2015. This classic compilation featuring Carcass, Entombed, Cathedral and Confessor is getting a double vinyl release at long last.

Originally released as four separate EPs to commemorate the infamous ‘Gods Of Grind’ tour in 1992, this vinyl edition contains brand new artwork exclusive to this release.

– The Carcass tracks were recorded during the “Necroticism – Descanting The Insalubrious” period, and features three non-album recordings.

– The Entombed tracks were recorded during the “Clandestine” period, and features two non-album recordings.

– The Cathedral tracks were recorded during the “Forest Of Equilibrium” period, and features four non-album recordings.

– The Confessor tracks were recorded during the “Condemned” period, and features two non-album recordings, but covers of doom legends Trouble.

Side A:

1. Carcass – Incarnated Solvent Abuse
2. Carcass – Tools Of The Trade
3. Carcass – Pyosisified (Still Rotten to the Gore)
4. Carcass – Hepatic Tissue Fermentation II

Side B:

5. Entombed – Stranger Aeons
6. Entombed – Dusk
7. Entombed – Shreds Of Flesh

Side C:

8. Cathedral – Soul Sacrifice
9. Cathedral – Golden Blood (Flooding)
10. Cathedral – Autumn Twilight
11. Cathedral – Frozen Rapture

Side D:

12. Confessor – Condemned
13. Confessor – The Last Judgement
14. Confessor – Endtime

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