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Shirley Inspired… is a 3 LP tribute to the inspirational music of Shirley Collins featuring Graham Coxon, Bitchin’ Bonnie Billy Bajas, Angel Olsen, Stewart Lee, Johnny Flynn Ulver, Lee Ranaldo, Meg Baird, Josephine Foster, Belbury Poly, Ela Stiles, Olivia Chaney, Stuart Estell, Trembling Bells and many more…


‘There are these unique voices, these unique songs that would not have survived if it were not for Shirley..she has kept that entire tradition alive’ Alan Moore.


‘Shirley is deserving of every accolade that’s thrown at her…she’s the best’ Linda Thompson.


‘Even though I am a folk fan, I like lots of different music and Shirley’s in the top ten of all artists for me, irrespective of what they’re supposed to be classified as’ Stewart Lee.


‘Her music did kick off a whole sort of renewed passion or interest or love of my own country’s music.  So that was helpful.  Thank you Shirley!’ Graham Coxon.


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